The Norwegian company Bioskiva AS, has developed an all -in- one insect repellent fertilizer FertiBug.That have shown exceptional results in field tests in Hungary and Spain: demonstrating a 100% repellent effect on cabbage root flies and increased crop yield of up to 80%

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The basic idea

Is to use algae - correctly named Cyanobacteria - as an insect repellent.

As a carrier of the dead Cyanobacteria we use pelletized fiber of fermented manure from biogas production.

Thus we can fertilize and protect the crop of Brassicas from the attacks of the Cabbage Root Fly in one operation. Tested at NTNU.Td. in 2004, with promising results.

Further developement in FP7 at Fraunhofer IGB, Univ. of West Hungary and SMEs in Europe in2008/11.

Why FertiBug?

A brand new approach, initiating a new era, as to plant protection, that does not harm people or environment in any way . Safe to handle. Can be used by all-
professional growers, home gardeners and urban growers, without protective equipment commonly used spraying pesticides. In field tests in Hungary/Spain we
got an increase of yield up to 80 % depending on type of Brassicas. Thus, Fertibug meets the UN’s SDG goals, as to food safety and suffisient food for everyone,
when it comes to Brassicas , all done in a sustainable way.

Tasks to be done

  • Get an approval before marketing in Europe. Preferably as a low risk product.
  • Establish a pilot-scale, expandable, production unit of Cyanobacteria at Bioskiva AS -based on surplus heat and labour-to mutal benefit.
  • Plan establish production at several biogas plant in Europe close to large production cites of Brassicas giving short distance between production and market giving very small footprints environmentally seen.
  • Do field tests. with the intension of getting an approval based on tests in FP7 and test carried out later up to today and beyond.
  • Partners: So far, Bioskiva, Sintef Energy, Niva Oslo, Ørland Kommune, SH Rådgiving, NLR. And not to be forgotten many good helpers.
  • Financed by the Norwgian Rearch Counsil, Bioskiva As, Grofondet and several resources as Skattefunn and RFF.
  • Research at Sintef,Trondheim and Niva, Oslo.

Pelletized dry manure


Cabbage field

The way forward

Search for partners who will join in the development of a new industry with a very large international potential.

According to FAOSTAT, Brassicas are cultivated on 3,393,195 ha in the world.

China alone has 60% of consumption and produces 46.6% of the world's Brassicas.

Europe comes in second place with 9.2% of world production, on 452,000 ha. and a crop of around 6M tonnes/year.

Together USA, Japan and Russia account for around 10%, while India accounts for 8.8%.

Economic data on the Internatonial potential exeist.