Project background

Bioskiva AS

  • Bioskiva was founded by Mr. Svein Lilleengen in 1997. He is now the managing director and owns 100% of the company.
  • Lilleengen holds a degree in electrical engineering, has work experience in this field for 20 years. Lilleengen has been a farmer since 1974, running his own organic dairy farm. Since 1993 he has also been running a biogasplant mostly for research reasons.



  • A patented product, 1991, based on fermentated manure formed as a A5 sized "shaddow disk" protected the cultural plants from weeds. The disc was named Bioskiva.
  • Tests done by Statens Fagtjeneste for Landbruket (“government agriculture expertise service”).
  • Bioskiva was awarded a patent in Norway.


  • Built first full scale biogas plant in Norway (utilizing cow manure as raw material).
  • Tests of Bioskiva at Statens Forsøksstasjon (”government research station”) Kvithammar, Stjørdal.


  • Innovation price granted to Svein Lilleengen by Statens Distrikts og Næringsutviklingsfond (”government district and business development fund”).


  • Innovation price granted by the environmental group – Miljøansvar.


  • Project coordinator in project for environmental safe plant production. The research project was financed by Norges Forskningsråd (Norwegian research council”). Partners were NTNU (Norwegian university of science and technology”) and SINTEF (“The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research”).


  • Project coordinator in project to make a odorless liquid fertilizer from cow manure. Research project a cooperation between SINTEF and Bioskiva AS. Project financed by Norges Forskningsråd


  • Production of a liquid fertilizer based on the above research project in 1 liter bottles. Approved by Debio as an ecological product (all providers of organic products in Norway are certified by Debio).


  • Project coordinator in project using Salicylaldehyd as a repellent with various slow release components. Research project in cooperation between NTNU, Horticulture Research International UK and Bioskiva AS.


  • Initiator for EcoBug in EU Framework 7 introducing cyanobacteria as repellent. Project coordinator was Felleskjøpet (“Norwegian agriculture cooperative”).
  • Partners from EU in cooperation with Fraunhofer IGB and University of West Hungary – Field tests in Spain and Hungary. EU zone –South and Middle.


  • The EU7 project EcoBug? was granted 18 mill Nok kr to continue the work with partners from all over Europe.


  • Patent applications based on above research submitted by Bioskiva AS.


  • Product name change to FertiBug as brand name EcoBug was protected in South America.
  •  Mid –Scandinavian price awarded Svein Lilleengen for his environmentally friendly work.


  • EU patent granted for using cyanobacteria as repellent.


  • Project coordinator on research project FertiBug – an environmentally friendly plant protection system based on Cyanobacteria as repellent to Delia Radicum (cabbage fly). Financed by Norges Forskningsråd and Bioskiva AS.
  • Partners University of Copenhagen, Agriculture University of Norway and SLU the agriculture University of Sweden and SINTEF — EU zone North.


  • Nominated to «European Innovation Prize, In 2018 by TP Organics , Brussels